Sunday, January 14, 2007

Disaster recovery articles

I found a nice and promising site about disaster recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. I think you will find some interesting articles there.

Here are links to these articles:

Disaster recovery planning - interesting article on disaster recovery planning and the steps that need to be taken to be well prepared in case there's a disaster.

Preparing for a disaster recovery - another article on how to prepare for a disaster recovery

Disaster recovery in San Francisco - article about a company in San Francisco that may help you in disaster recovery

Disaster recovery and your computer - list of questions on data recovery which you should answer when preparing for disaster recovery

Configuration Management Process, Roles, and Responsibilities - article on how to manage your IT infrastructure to provide business continuity


Enterprise Architect said...

For readers of this blog following vendor neutral decision template to select the most suitable disaster recovery technology might be interesting:

Decision Template for Selecting Disaster Recovery (DR) Technology

David law said...

This blog provide complete information about business continuity disaster recovery. Disaster recovery business continuity is really very important for any company. Thanks for sharing